This graduate certificate program has been designed to address the increasing need for professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in the growing field of international trade. Whether you are already working as a freight forwarder or customs broker, in the corporate world of logistics and supply-chain management, or trade compliance, are engaged in customs and border management or other border-related positions in government, or want to move into a new field, the Graduate Certificate in Customs and International Trade is designed for you. It is tailored to provide the global context and analytical skills for managers and executives engaged in either government or private-sector roles with responsibility for cross-border trade. It has an international focus, making it suitable for professionals from the United States and our close trading partners, and its course curriculum is drawn from CCES degree programs certified to the exacting educational standards set by the World Customs Organization (WCO)’s PICARD program.

Students will develop advanced technical skills in traditional and topical aspects of international trade and customs law and best practices in border management and compliance administration, preparing them to effectively apply complex policy and practice in workplaces focused on cross-border trade. The courses supplement study of theoretical and legal materials by drawing on case studies and assessment directly relevant to the students’ workplace, enabling them to integrate their learning with their work through disciplines including law, public administration and compliance management. Graduates will have demonstrated advanced knowledge and expert skills in the field of international trade, regulation, trade facilitation and administration for professional work in commerce or the public sector. Importantly, as the courses in the program have a dual public-private sector focus, they are designed to foster direct interaction and problem-solving between students with government and business.

Australia’s Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (“CCES”) of Charles Sturt University is recognized as one of the globe’s premier institutions of higher learning in the field of customs and excise studies. It has numerous WCO-recognized degree programs, and a long history of providing quality education for industry, government and international agencies in nearly 100 countries around the world. As the world’s leading provider of training and education in the highly specialized area of customs and border management, CCES has established a global reputation for its work in helping to strengthen the organizational capability and professional skills of both public and private sector organizations which form the backbone of the international trading system.