The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

College of Education and P-16 Integration Division of Academic Affairs

Student Forms

UCentral Forms

You can access such forms as Change of Major/Minor and Transfer Graduation Date at UCentral.

  • Student Enrollment Forms
    • Academic suspension Appeal Form
    • Change of Major/Minor Form
    • Change of Information Form
    • Class Audit Permit
    • Directory Information Release Form
    • Drop by Student Form
    • Excess-Hours and 3-Peat Appeal Forms
    • FERPA Release Authorization Form
    • Six-Drop, Withdrawal, and Tuition Appeal Form
    • Transcript Request Form
    • Withdrawal Form
  • Graduation Forms
    • Diploma Reorder Form
    • Transfer Graduation Date Form
  • Tuition Rebate Application

Graduate College Forms

You can access the following forms at the Graduate College.

  • Thesis & Dissertation Forms
    • Thesis Manual
    • Dissertation Manual
    • Application for Dissertation Committee
    • Application for Thesis Committee
    • Change of Committee Form
    • Certification of Completion of Thesis or Dissertation
  • Other Forms
    • FERPA Authorization Form
    • Graduate Student Handbook
    • Graduate Student Travel Award Application
    • File Retention Policy

Financial Aid Forms

You can access the following forms at Financial Aid.

  • Verification Forms
    • Verification Worksheet
    • Support Worksheet
    • Dependency Confirmation Form
    • Monthly Living and Personal Expenses Worksheet
    • Separation Verification Form
    • Child Support Paid Verification Worksheet
    • Asset & Investment Verification
    • Identity and Statement of Education Purpose
    • Notarized Identity and Statement of Education Purpose
    • Title IV Authorization Form
    • Classification/Level Discrepancy
  • Loan Forms
    • Parent PLUS Loan Authorization Form
    • College Access Loan (CAL) Request Form
    • Federal Perkins Loan Master Promissory Note
    • Texas B-On-Time Loan Forgiveness Eligibility Confirmation Form
  • Other Forms
    • Online Appeals
    • Advisor Review Form
    • Statement of Academic Intent – Spring 2018
    • Statement of Academic Intent – Fall 2017
    • Rent Lease  Form
    • Request for Independent Status
    • Special Circumstances – Student Without Parent Support
    • Texas Grant Student Eligibility
    • TEACH Grant Employment Verification Form
    • Cost of Attendance Adjustment-Books and Supplies
    • Cost of Attendance Adjustment-Child Care Expense
    • Cost of Attendance Adjustment-Computer Purchase
    • Consortium Agreement
    • Renewal TEXAS Grant Transfer Form
  • Exemption Forms
    • Exemption for Firefighters Taking Fire Science Courses
    • Exemption for Peace Officers Enrolled in Law Enforcement
    • Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver