The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

College of Education and P-16 Integration Division of Academic Affairs

Human Development and School Services

Welcome to the Human Development and School Services Department (HD&SS) at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. HD&SS faculty prepare students to work with all types of learners from our Early Care Program to Special Education.

We also have programs leading to certification as an Educational Diagnostician or Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP). Depending on individual student interests, HD&SS programs prepare future education professionals to teach in diverse and inclusive environments, including homes, schools, and other community settings.

Child-centered and culturally sensitive practices are emphasized throughout the program, focusing on the need for multiple methods of instruction to accommodate a broad range of learners. HD&SS Faculty in our department prepare students to become reflective thinkers, consumers and producers of research, to implement best practices and to demonstrate leadership in their profession.

We offer the following programs:

Applicant Requirement