Student Employment


Student Employment at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley employs over 3000 students on campus every semester. These students are hire though direct wage, work study, SEI or assistantships.

Student employment opportunities are available in most of UTRGV departments, including Recruitment office, university library, housing, enrollment, financial aid, student media, student life, recreation center, and many more. Students perform a variety of services that significantly contribute to the functioning of UTRGV. Working on campus, will not only provide you with extra money to spend; but will give you the opportunity to acquire hands on experience that will create beneficial workplace habits, improve organizational and time management skills, as well as developing a stronger connection with UTRGV staff and faculty.

Positions student can apply for include:

UNDERGRADUATE                                                GRADUATE                               

  • Student Academic Tutor                                Research Assistant
  • Student Academic Assistant                           Teacher Assistant 
  • Student Assistant                                         Graduate Assistant 
  • Student Project Associate                              Assistant Instructor 
  • SEI Student Assistant 


Graduate students can contact Graduate College at 956-665-3661 or e-mail for student assistantships options available on campus

International Students are permitted to work on campus, under Direct Wage option after the completion of all employment requirements and must be enrolled full time (12 credit Hours). Visit International Admissions and Student Services link for additional information


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